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Working as a team of Scouts, parents, and adult leaders, Boy Scout Troop 380 offers enjoyable and challenging programs for all Scouts to develop the confidence, skills, character and mental fitness that will allow them to give quality leadership to a changing society.

Troop 380 meets on Mondays at 7:30pm at St. Andrew Methodist Church at 5801 W. Plano Parkway in Plano, Texas. Our meetings are held on the 2nd floor in Festival Hall.

New to the Troop? Get a Buddy!

Posted on Apr 17 2014 - 1:48pm

Parent "Buddies" Now Available

If you attended the new parent orientation and still have a few questions, consider requesting a troop "Parent Buddy". A parent buddy is a parent in the troop who has a Scout a little further down the trail to Eagle. They can give you information about uniforms, badge placement, how to use the website, equipment recommendations, where to find answers to other Scouting questions, etc. Or perhaps just someone to talk to or word of encouragement along with way is all you need. Sign up now to have a troop parent buddy contact you. Just send an email to Brenda Johnson.

Wet Tent? Dry It Out Today

Posted on Apr 14 2014 - 2:19pm

Troop Tent Care Tips

Scouts who took a tent home after the camp out have a big responsibility since tents are the most expensive single item we own. If you read these simple steps below and take care of the tent as soon as you get home you will avoid having a moldy, mildewed tent. Here's what you need to do:

- Dry It: Hang the tent in your garage. The best way is to string some rope between the garage door rails and hand the tent and fly over them. Once they dry out they are easy to clean. Avoid ripping or tearing the tent or fly as you hing it up.

- Clean It: Once the tent is dry you can clean it. Use a broom to clean off the outside of the tent while still hanging. Then you can set up the tent in your garage and sweep out the inside. Make sure both the tent and fly are free from dirt.

- Read It: There are additional tent care tips here. Please read them and follow the instructions.

- Return It: Make sure you return the tent no later than Monday, April 21st.

IMPORTANT: Above all DO NOT let the tent lay around wet or forget about it. If you do not care for the tent today it will mildew and be useless. Take 10 minutes to follow these simple instructions and you will save the troop money, and have a tent you will enjoy taking on the next camp out.

Victims Needed

Posted on Apr 14 2014 - 2:19pm

Want to Play a Victim?

Ever wanted to participate in an emergency preparedness exercise? Did you ever want to see how a first aid course is taught? The folks teaching wilderness and remote first aid (WRFA) need "victims" for their upcoming course in May. On Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 4th the WRFA course will be held at the Collin County Adventure Center. If you would like to be part of this emergency prep exercise, please contact  Jim Smith and see the attached file for details.

BSA Archery Tournament

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 6:34pm
Council Archery Tournament - May 3rd
Webelos, Boy Scouts, Varsity, and Venture Scouts come test your metal against each other in an archery contest just for you.  It will be held at the Texas Archery Academy ’s Indoor Range (600 Accent Dr, Plano Texas).

Swim Test 4/28

Posted on Apr 7 2014 - 9:51am

Annual Swim Test April 28th

Every year BSA requires troops to hold a swim test to document the swim level of their members. A swim test is required to participate in any water-based activity such as swimming, canoeing, etc. It is required for all Scouts and adults wishing to participate in these activities. The requirements for the swim test can be found here. You may wear swim goggles for the test. The swim test will be held in place of the regular meeting. Please check your calendar and plan accordingly.

Spring Flower Sales Begin!!

Posted on Apr 1 2014 - 4:05pm

Sell Flowers - Earn Money for Your Scout Account

Flowers instantly brighten anyone’s day. Everyone enjoys a nice bouquet to add some color to their household in the fall. However, receiving flowers is a treat any time of year. That’s why Troop 380's flower fundraising is an excellent way to raise money for our troop, regardless of the time of year. It is time to begin selling to family, friends and neighbors and helping Troop 380 raise funds for all our activities!

Spring is here and it is time for flower sales! We are now offering flower coupons, which are redeemable at Cristina’s Flowers (2 locations in Dallas!) The flower coupons cost $16 each.  The coupon is valid for 1 flat of flowers. Your customers can buy as many coupons as they need or require for their space! These coupons are being sold below retail cost! (The flats cost $16.80 + tax at Cristinas!) Your customers now can get the flowers they want, when they want it! The coupons are valid for redemption between 4/1/2014 and 7/15/2014. Remember, a portion of the flower sales will go directly into your scout accounts to help with campouts and other activities so get out there and Sell, Sell, Sell!!!

If you need/want flower coupons contact Mr. Tallant. Many scouts that wanted to participate picked up

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