Welcome to Troop 380!

Webelos & New Scouts:

If you are a Webelos Arrow of Light Scout, or a boy between 11 and 17, and interested in joining Boy Scouts, Troop 380 would love to have you join us!

Contact us to find our how to join us on one of our many adventures!! 

About Troop 380:

Working as a team of Scouts, parents, and adult leaders, Boy Scout Troop 380 offers enjoyable and challenging programs for all Scouts to develop the confidence, skills, character and mental fitness that will allow them to give quality leadership to a changing society.

Troop 380 meets on Mondays at 7:30pm at St. Andrew Methodist Church at 5801 W. Plano Parkway in Plano, Texas. Our meetings are held on the 2nd floor in Festival Hall.

Troop 380 Campaign Hats

Posted on Aug 13 2018 - 3:15pm

Spencer Miller is coordinating a purchase of campaign hats similar to that worn by Lord Baden Powell. These hats are OPTIONAL; they are not a required part of the uniform.

Information for Scouting:

Posted on Aug 6 2018 - 4:03pm

Take a look at our Troop Calendar for Aug-Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec 2018.  We have several new events posted **please note some are "tentative" dates**! There is much Scouting available that includes “Troop 380, Plano” - Scouting is a worldwide movement.  Here are some links for 'all things Scouting' – when you need more information for Scouting you might start here with one of these 10 links...

Troop Flag Placement and Pickup Opportunities

Posted on Aug 1 2018 - 11:04am

Troop Flag Placement and Pickup Opportunities

Troop 380 has partnered with the Air Force Association to deploy American flags in the Prestonwood Neighborhood for a few years now. We are currently responsible for deploying 181 flags in and around the neighborhood on predetermined federal holidays. Currently we post flags on President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veteran's Day.

Opportunities for Labor Day are coming up. You can sign-up for Placement or Pickup on our calendar.

New Youth Protection Training for Adults registered with BSA & Troop 380.

Posted on Aug 1 2018 - 10:51am

The new online Youth Protection Training (YPT*) for adult volunteers in BSA is now available for your training.  If you choose to be a registered adult volunteer with BSA, and work with youth, you must satisfy the requirements BSA has in place to protect youth and itself.   This requirement will not “go away” – it is mandatory and tracked via computer at the Council/National level.  This is a new online course.

https://www.scouting.org/training/youth-protection/  <--Link

Once you have completed the NEW YPT – please submit a printed copy of the record to John Dobrott, (YPT champion), or to Todd Heidelbaugh (TCC) or Manasi Mantry (registrar).  You have through Sept 30, 2018 to complete the training.  See the helpful HowtoGuide (pdf) attached to get going on new YPT right now.

*YPT is managed by BSA National and as an adult volunteer working with youth - you are responsible to make sure the "computer record" at Council/National is up to date.  If you have difficulty or technical issues contact BSA National Help Desk: (972) 580-2489.

Do you require more “outside” words on this matter?  Do you need further discussion on this topic or want more information before taking the course?  Please open and read the attached pdf article from “Bryan on Scouting”.

Yours in Scouting,
John Dobrott - YPT Champion
Manasi Mantry - Troop 380 registrar
Matt Dorsett - Scoutmaster
Todd Heidelbaugh - Committee Chair

Boy Scout Emergency Preparedness Badge Night

Posted on Aug 1 2018 - 10:48am

Boy Scout Emergency Preparedness Badge Night
When: October 10, 2018

Where: Plano’s Emergency Operations Center

The City of Plano Department of Emergency Management offers a twice-yearly session for Scouts. Those who participate receive a certificate that acknowledges their participation and the parts of the certificate that are covered in our program: 2A&C, 6ABC, 7, 8ABC, 9B of the Emergency Preparedness merit badge.

Contact Judith Aubrey (juditha@plano.gov)

Availability for up to 30 scouts. Sign up now.


Brooke Adams as Social Media Chair

Posted on May 31 2018 - 3:28pm
Hello, I'm excited to join the T380 Committee as Social Media Chair. Did you know that our troop has active accounts with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? If you haven't already, please follow Troop 380 on these social media sites for the most current pictures of our boys, troop accomplishments, and updates. Likewise, if you or your scout have photos that you'd like us to consider for social media posting, please email them to socialmedia@boyscouttroop380.org.  We do have a wonderful troop photographer but since she can't capture each and every moment, we strongly encourage Scout participation in documenting their activities. Follow/Like us at...
Facebook: Boy Scout Troop 380 (https://www.boyscouttroop380.org/node/3045)
Instagram: planotroop380 (https://twitter.com/planotroop380)
Twitter: @planotroop380 (https://www.instagram.com/planotroop380/)

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